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Istvan Bibo Free University

The Istvan Bibo Free University brings together Hungarians of differing viewpoints and different generations to discuss the social, economic and political problems of Hungary and the European Union in an atmosphere of mutual respect. With courses and online and offline public debates, the Free University aims for political diversity among lecturers and audience alike, addressing topics such as “The Shadow of 75 Years. World War, Consequences, Memory” and “From the Gypsy Problem to Roma Emancipation.” The program is named for István Bibó, an important Hungarian thinker whose personality and ideas connected various oppositional circles together before 1989, during the era of socialism. The CEU Democracy Institute hosts, supports, promotes, and provides lecturers for the Free University’s courses and events.  

State Violence After World War II

Rudolf Paksa and his guests, historians Rolf Muller and Tibor Takacs address the political and social changes after 1945 (in Hungarian).

World War II Ended 75 Years Ago

Rudolf Paksa and historians Zsuzsanna Kadar and Tamas Stark remembers the anniversary of the end of World War II (in Hungarian).

Memory of Rape in World War II

Rudolf Paksa, our Research affiliate Andrea Peto and journalist Fruzsina Skrabski talk about the history of rape in World War II (in Hungarian).

Resistance and Saving Lives

Rudolf Paksa in conversation with historians Akos Bartha and Tibor Pecsi (in Hungarian).

Reality and Propaganda in War

Rudolf Paksa and his guests, military historian Csaba B. Stenge and propaganda-researcher Peter Viranyi address Hungary’s role in World War II, and war propaganda (in Hungarian).