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Anna Fejos

Junior Research Affiliate

Anna Fejos is a doctoral candidate at the Bremen International School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), in the field of Social Inequalities, Welfare State and the Quality of Life, and a junior research fellow at the Institute for Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences in Budapest. A sociologist by training, her research interests include the study of gender and ethnic/racial inequalities; social inclusion/exclusion and diversity/equality policies in East-Central Europe. At CPS, Anna is involved in the Hate speech, gender, social networks and political parties (GENHA) project that aims to map mobilization against gender equality on social media platforms in five EU countries. Besides her academic work, Anna enjoys developing and participating in various civil society projects. Among others, she was a founding member of the Bagázs Foundation, worked at Kék Vonal Foundation and volunteered at Centar E8 in Belgrade, and Gallery8 – Roma Contemporary Art Space in Budapest.