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Anna Menyhert

Research Affiliate
Research areas

Anna Menyhért is a Professor of Trauma Studies at the Budapest University of Jewish Studies (OR-ZSE). She is also the director of the CEU Summer University course Transdisciplinary Trauma Studies. Her research fields are trauma studies, memory studies, cultural studies, social media studies, women’s writing, and literary theory. Her focus area is transdisciplinary trauma research and psychosocial studies; she examines individual and collective trauma in contemporary and historical contexts, and advocates for the recognition of the importance of trauma-informed approaches in policy, healthcare and education. She is an expert on the twentieth-century Hungarian women's literary tradition, canonisation processes and women’s cultural memory in the digital age.  She places particular emphasis on the importance gender roles in interpreting traumatic experiences. Currently she studies how social media platforms shape trauma-related communication according to their own affordances; and, from a comparative perspective, the impact of historical and transgenerational traumas in contemporary societies.