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Anna Wojcik

Research Affiliate, re:constitution Fellow
Research areas

Anna Wójcik, Ph.D., specializes in human rights and constitutional law. In her research, she focuses on the rule of law and memory laws. She is Re: Constitution Affiliate at the Democracy Institute, CEU, and Hungarian Helsinki Committee, where she works on attacks on media freedom and pluralism as part of the rule of law backsliding. Anna is also a postdoctoral researcher in the MEMOCRACY research consortium and assistant professor at the Institue of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where she defended her Ph.D. in 2021 with a thesis on human rights restrictions motivated by the historical policy. She is CEU (Sociology'16) and Warsaw University alumna (law'15). Anna co-founded The Wiktor Osiatyński Archive and projects monitoring convulsions of the rule of law in Poland.