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Carsten Q. Schneider

CEU Research Affiliate / CEU Professor

Carsten Q. Schneider is Pro-Rector for External Relations and Professor of Political Science at Central European University (CEU) and MA Program Director of the Department of Political Science. His research and teaching interests focus on the study of political regime change processes in different world regions and on comparative social science methodology, especially settheoretic methods. He is author of The Consolidation of Democracy in Europe and Latin America, coauthor of SetTheoretic Methods for the Social Sciences, and of articles that appeared, among others, in Comparative Political Studies, Democratization, European Journal of Political Research, Political Analysis, Political Research Quarterly, and Sociological Methods and Research. Two books on set-theoretic methods are forthcoming in Cambridge University Press series ‘Methods for Social Inquiry’. Schneider is the winner of the 2019 David-Collier Mid-Career Achievement Award. From 2009-14, he was an elected member of the Germany Academy of Young Scientists.