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Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov

Lead Researcher / Senior Research Fellow / CEU Professor
Research areas

Prof. Dimitry Kochenov leads the Rule of Law working group and teaches at the Department of Legal Studies in Vienna. He is the author of Citizenship (MIT Press, 2019), translated into several languages and reviewed in NYRB and of EU Rule of Law Casebook (with L. Pech, SIEPS, 2021). He edited a number of volumes on EU Rule of Law and other aspects of European Integration, including five for Cambridge and one for Oxford University Press. Dimitry’s Quality of Nationality Index (with J.Lindeboom, Bloomsbury, 2020) was featured in The Economist, Forbes and FT. Prof. Kochenov is on the editorial boards, inter alia, of the Oxford Encyclopaedia of EU Law and Hague Journal of the Rule of Law. He taught at Princeton, Oxford, Rome, Osaka, UNAM, Groningen etc and served as the founding chairman of Investment Migration Council (Geneva). He consults governments and international organizations. Google scholar (n-35); SSRN (world top-30 in Law).