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Dorit Geva

CEU Research Affiliate / CEU Professor

Dorit Geva is Professor of Sociology and Social Anthropology and Dean of Undergraduate Studies at CEU. She completed a PhD in Sociology at New York University. Dr Geva studies far-right politics, the radicalization of conservatism, and the rise of neoliberal authoritarianism and its transformations of the neoliberal state. Her recent publications focus on the gender politics of the far-right in Europe, anti-gender politics in France, the rise of what she calls an “ordonationalist” regime in Hungary, and rightwing transformations of higher education. Dr Geva also researched the gender politics of military service, neoliberal welfare reform and family politics. Her publications appeared in top-tiered journals such as American Journal of Sociology, International Affairs, and Social Politics.  She continues to study transformations in far-right politics, and the emergence of a post-neoliberal phase of politics and the state.