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Elena Basheska

Research Affiliate
Research areas

Dr Elena Basheska is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at CEU Democracy Institute. She holds LL.M. in European law and Ph.D. in law from the Faculty of Law, University of Groningen.  Her research interests focus on EU enlargement, EU external relations, rule of law, citizenship matters, and protection of human rights. She has extensive experience as a researcher, working in various sectors (including academia, NGOs, law firms and professional organisations), as well as an independent consultant. She has previously worked as a Researcher at the School of Law, Queen’s University – Belfast, and as a Lecturer, Vice-Dean and Director of the Research Centre at the Law Faculty, South East European University. 

Elena is the pre-eminent expert on the interpretation and application of the good neighbourliness principle in international law and EU law, which was the main subject of her’s Ph.D. thesis.