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Inna Melnykovska

CEU Research Affiliate / CEU Assistant Professor

Inna Melnykovska is an Assistant Professor in Comparative Political Economyat the Political Science Department at Central European University. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin in 2016. She studied International Relations and Economics in Ukraine.  

Inna's research is about the interaction of global, regional and local forces in the shaping of modern political regimes and economic systemsin developing countries. She addresses these issues by focusing on the transition experience of the states in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. She is an expert on the dynamics of state-business relations and crony capitalism in the region. In addition, she works on regional economic integration initiatives driven by the EU, Russia and China as well as foreign policies in Eurasia. Her research has been published inJournal of Common Market Studies,Europe-Asia Studies, andPost-Soviet Affairs, among others.