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Istvan Rev

CEU Research Affiliate / CEU Professor / Director of Open Society Archive
Research areas

Istvan Rev is Professor of History and Political Science at the Central European University Budapest, and the Director of Blinken OSA. He was a founding member in 1984 of the Danube Circle environmental organization, and is a past winner of the Right for Livelihood Award (the alternative Nobel Prize) of the Swedish Parliament. He has been a fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and a research fellow at the Getty Center in Los Angeles and at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford. In 1995, he was the recipient of the New Europe Prize. He is a member of the Open Society Foundations’ Global Board. His scholarly interests include historical amnesia, memory, historical anthropology, and documentary traces of the past. His many publications include Retroactive Justice: Prehistory of Post-Communism (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2005).