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Julia Szalai

Senior Research Affiliate / CEU Professor

Julia Szalai was engaged in studying intersectionalities of class, race/ethnicity, and gender in multiethnic societies across Europe with a closer focus on poverty and social exclusion in post-socialist societies of Central and Eastern Europe. Her recent studies addressed issues of structural transformation and the emergence of the post-socialist welfare states. She was involved in a great number of cross-country comparative studies. 

Szalai was affiliated with numerous acknowledged research centers in Europe and the United States, including Stockholm University, University of London, IWM–Vienna, University of Wisconsin and many others. In recognition of her work, she was awarded by the Soros Foundation (“Creativity Award”–2003), the President of Hungary (2004), and, twice, the Hungarian Sociological Association (“Polanyi Award”–2005, 2015). 

Julia Szalai passed away in November 2022. The CEU community is deeply saddened by her death, and we will always remember her for her academic brilliance, moral unassailability, and warm collegiality.