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Julius-Cezar MacQuarie

Research Affiliate

Julius-Cezar MacQuarie is an anthropologist trained at Central European University (CEU), concerned with the invisibility of workers in nightshift cities to policymakers, the public and in scholarly fields. He is the founder of the Nightworkshop and campaigner of the Nightworker Charter. His research focuses on modes of labouring that are often invisible and hard to access by anthropologists, who are usually daytime researchers. He also conducted nocturnal workshops in several European cities: London; Sofia; Istanbul, Budapest; Milan; Bucharest; and taught night ethnography. To expand possibilities for anthropological research, he uses body notes and cyber-ethnography, and communicates findings via audio-visual technologies. He is a Migrant Voice (UK) Ambassador and leads the Night Working Group with International Night Studies Network. Later in 2022 he will join the Institute for Social Science for the 21st Century, University College Cork (IR), as a Postdoctoral Fellow.