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Mariam Begadze

CEU Doctoral Fellow
Research areas

Mariam Begadze is an SJD candidate in Comparative Constitutional Law Stream of Legal Studies Department at CEU. She holds an LLM degree in Human Rights from CEU (master thesis passed with distinction). Her current doctoral project examines health rights jurisprudence in Colombia, South Africa, and India considering its implication\s for the Separation of Powers doctrine in these jurisdictions and theory. She has been a teaching assistant for several courses taught at CEU. Before joining CEU as an SJD student, Mariam had worked as a strategic litigation lawyer taking cases to the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of Georgia. Starting from June 2022, as a doctoral fellow at CEU Democracy Institute, Ms. Begadze will be working on her individual research project 'Undermining and Incidental Strengthening of Opposition-Ruled State and Local Governments during COVID-19 Pandemic in Hybrid Regimes'.