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Marius Dragomir

Senior Program Manager
Research areas

Marius Dragomir previously worked for the Open Society Foundations (OSF) for over a decade where he managed the global research and policy portfolio of the Program on Independent Journalism (PIJ) in London. He has also been one of the main editors for PIJ's flagship research and advocacy project, Mapping Digital Media, which covered 56 countries worldwide, and he was the main writer and editor of OSF’s Television Across Europe, a comparative study of broadcast policies in 20 European countries. 

Marius, who started his career as a journalist some 30 years ago in his native Romania,has spent the past two decades in the media research field, specializing in media and communication regulation, digital media, governing structures of public service media and broadcasting, financial and business aspects of the media and ownership regulation. He has authored expert studies and articles on journalism and media policies that have been published and translated in more than 100 countries.