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Noemi Levy-Aksu

Research Affiliate
Research areas

Noémi Lévy-Aksu is the Director of the “Memory and Peace Studies” program at Hafıza Merkezi (Truth Justice Memory Center) in Istanbul. She obtained her Ph.D in history from the EHESS (Paris) in 2010 and completed a Graduate Diploma in Law in 2018. She was an assistant professor in history at Boğaziçi University (Istanbul) until 2017. Her research interests focus on the social and legal history of the late Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey. At Hafıza Merkezi, she coordinates projects in the areas of dealing with the past, memorialization and peace advocacy. She is also one of the trustees of the Centre for Democracy and Peace Research (CDPR), founded in London in 2017, which has runned several projects with solidarity academies in Turkey.