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Omer Shatz

Senior Research Fellow
Research areas

Dr. Omer Shatz is a lawyer and the legal director of front-LEX, an organisation that is focused on challenging EU migration policies through strategic litigation before EU, European and international Courts. He is also a Lecturer in International Law at SciencesPo Paris, a counsel (defence/victims) at the International Criminal Court and a Yale Law School graduate. In Israel\Palestine, he co-founded a human rights law firm that specialized in Supreme Court litigation of high-profile human rights matters. He also co-founded “We Are Refugees”, an NGO that provided pro-bono representation to detained asylum-seekers. He also co-litigated the Anti-Infiltration Law case, a landmark ruling that led to the release of 1,500 refugees and secured the liberty of tens of thousands others. In France, Omer was a senior associate at the international arbitration firm Shearman & Sterling LLP. He also gave advice to international  organizations and public figures, such as MSF and Julian Assange.