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Ruth Gazso Candlish

Ruth conducts research into disability and democracy, her PhD at CEU examines the in/exclusion of disabled people across different political contexts. She is especially interested in intersectionality, and policymaking above and below the state. Her broader research interests focus on gender, D/deafness, motherhood, indigeneity, decentralisation, and Europeanisation, elections, and employment law. She has published on a range of topics from institutional reform to inequality in academia. Ruth holds a BA, MA MSc and Law Diploma from the Universities of Edinburgh, Leiden, CEU, and North London.  Ruth spent over a decade working as a senior policy officer on equality, elections, and democracy at local, regional, national, and European levels. She was previously a nationally elected trade union officer and has worked on equality policy for the European Commission, Council of Europe, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Scottish Government. She has received several policy awards for advocacy work.