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Stephen Stec

Lead Researcher / Senior Research Fellow
Research areas

Stephen Stec is Senior Research Fellow at the Democracy Institute leading the Environment and Democracy Workgroup. A lawyer by profession, he teaches courses related to environmental law, governance and security in CEU’s Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy. He taught at Osaka University, Venice International University, and Haida University among others.  

Stephen took part in the negotiation of multilateral agreements including the Aarhus Convention and the Carpathian Convention. He is also an elected representative of the Scientific and Technological Community Major Group of UNEP. He publishes in the fields of environmental law, governance and human rights; environmental and energy security, nexus assessment, and corporate accountability. He authored/co-authored the Aarhus Convention Implementation Guide and UNEP’s Guide to the Bali Guidelines on Rio Principle 10 and is the lead author of The UNEP We Want, a flagship report commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of UNEP.