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Szilvia Pallaghy

Senior Project Manager

Szilvia Pallaghy is an educational expert with a solid background in portfolio management, strategy design, supervising educational institutions, managing project and program administration, and supporting communities in adversity. She has dedicated 10 years to working for various philanthropic organizations, including the Open Society Foundations in London, where she gained valuable experience in early childhood programming and organization-centered grant making. Previously, she contributed to educational policy-making both at the governmental and local levels, actively participating in the implementation of a national education system reform that ensured equal opportunities for disadvantaged children.

Szilvia studied psychology and literature and holds an MBA degree from Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, she is enrolled in a distance learning program at UCL, pursuing an MA in Development Education and Global Learning.

At DI, she serves as a Senior Program Manager, overseeing administration, finance, and development.