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Taraf Abu Hamdan

Research Assistant

Taraf is a researcher, environmentalist, and community engagement facilitator with significant experience in different localities and geographies. Currently, Taraf is pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at the Central European University, her research focuses on how formal and informal institutional dynamics influence community vulnerability, livelihood practices, and marginalization. She is the co-founder of South/ South Movement an independent transnational student collective invested in centering social science research(ers) from and for the global souths. She holds an MPA in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Columbia University, and a BSc in Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences from the University of Arkansas. Taraf has expertise in sustainability, environmental sciences, policy analysis, humanitarian relief, livelihoods, and community engagement. She was the co-founder of the grassroots community-led volunteer group to support Darfuri refugees in Jordan and continues to work on advocating for marginalized communities in Jordan.