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Zsuzsanna Arendas

Research Affiliate

Zsuzsa has obtained her academic training in multiple fields of social sciences such as in Ethnography, Cultural Anthropology, and Nationalism Studies. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on the shifting role and positionality of ethnicity in a Central Eastern European context usually described as “multiethnic” (Southern Slovakia). In the past more than one decade she worked on various aspects of human mobilities in a transnational space in relation to reproduction of social inequalities- including social and political enactments of citizenship, social integration of immigrants, migrant vulnerabilities, and various aspects of return migration. In her recent work, she focuses on youth and child mobilities. In the context of social inequalities, Zsuzsa’s work also focuses on the sociological aspects of labour relations, on the employment of Roma with high educational qualifications, and on diversity management and its potential in the inclusion of Roma workforce in CEE.