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Migrants’ integration in EU countries: for a selected few only? Current shifts in conceptions of integration and impact on social and ethnic inequalities in host countries (MERITA)

The general idea of this seed project is to develop a multi-disciplinary forum on the topic of integration of migrants in Europe, across disciplines represented in the CIVICA alliance (Political Sciences, Law, Management, Sociology and Economics) and including representatives of all current CIVICA partners (10 institutions).

With a series of 2 hybrid workshops (half a day each), the forum intends to identify, across disciplines, grounds for contemporary conceptualisations of integration of migrants in EU countries and to problematise them. What are current (competing) logics in thinking integration and what are the potential implications of these logics are the core research questions, in particular, regarding the possible creation of increased social and racial inequality in societies.

This project serves the development of CIVICA-wide, multidisciplinary academic conversations on common problematisations within the thematic area of Europe Revisited. It will also demonstrate the research strength of the CIVICA alliance and its potential for researchers’ mobility.

This collaborative research project is funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under the CIVICA Research project.