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The Story of Our Struggles – a social movement database

September, 2021 - December, 2024
Open Society University Network (OSUN)
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Talloires Network of Engaged Universities
Lead researchers

The project is aimed at providing an insight into the history of Hungarian social movements and shaping the representation of Hungarian civil society and helping process the rich social movement history. It amplifies the voices of people who, organized or sometimes as lone fighters, have protested against the injustices they have suffered. The timeline recalls their stand to show what the members of the movement considered important and how far they were willing to go to achieve it.

The project provides cutting-edge data of protest events to researchers, and also offers a new perspective on the subject. The growing project currently covers protest events of 11 social movements between 1989-1994. The aim is to include protest events from the first 30 years after the regime change, and to broaden the range of movements covered.

The project covers the following movements:

  • Disability Movement
  • Education Movement
  • Farmers' Movement
  • Green Movement
  • Health Care Movement
  • Housing Movement
  • Labor Movement
  • LGBT+ Movement
  • Movement of the Incarcerated
  • Roma Movement
  • Women’s Movement

The timeline is available here (only in Hungarian).

The project received the Engaged Research Award of the Talloires Network of Engaged Universities and the Open Society University Network (OSUN) in 2022.