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Uncovering Media Influence in the UK (UKMIM)

The project is part of the Center for Media Data and Society's Media Influence Matrix project that investigates the profound influence that rapid shifts in policy, sources of funding and technology companies in the public sphere are having on journalism today.

The project seeks to research the changing media landscape of the United Kingdom in three fields: 

  • government and policy space, with a focus on the changes in the policy and regulatory environment; 
  • funding, with a focus on the key funding sources of journalism and the impact on editorial coverage; 
  • technology in the public sphere, with a focus on how technology companies, through activities such as automation and algorithm-based content distribution, impact news media and journalism.

As the Center has done in the other countries included in the Matrix, the report on the UK is produced together with local partners. Researchers based in the Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre carry out the data analysis while the Media Reform Coalition, a UK-based independent coalition of groups and individuals committed to maximizing the public interest in communications, coordinates advocacy and dissemination activities and serves as the main UK partner in the project.