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DI researchers publish academic articles, books, book chapters, reports, working papers, etc. Here you'll find all of them. 

Gabor Simonovits, Jennifer McCoy, Levente Littvay: Democratic Hypocrisy and Out-group Threat: Explaining Citizen Support for Democratic Erosion

“Individual support for norm-eroding policies increases when their own party is in power,” our Research Affiliate Levente Littvay, Gabor Simonovits (CEU Department of Political Science) and Jennifer McCoy (Georgia State University) write in their article to be published in The Journal of Politics.

Robert Nemeth, Marius Dragomir: The Debunking Effect – Recent and Upcoming Challenges for Fact-Checking Organizations

The booklet collects the articles written by Robert Nemeth and Marius Dragomir, who showcase fact-checking organizations and their modus operandi, and also look into their future.

Barbara Grabowska-Moroz, Anna Wojcik: Reframing LGBT Rights Advocacy in the Context of the Rule of Law Backsliding

“Specific elements of rule of law backsliding enable authorities to apply discriminatory legal instruments to limit the targeted minority’s rights,” our researchers Barbara Grabowska-Moroz and Anna Wojcik write in their article published in Intersections.

Zsuzsa Vidra, Michael Zeller: Illiberalism, Polarization, Social Resilience, and Resistance

“Illiberal regimes undermine human rights norms that entail equal legal protections of citizens and social groups,” our Research Fellow Zsuzsa Vidra and Michael Zeller, researcher of DI’s BRaVE project write in their article in Intersections.

Zsuzsanna Arendas, Sara Hungler: The Level Playing Field of Hungarian Social Partners Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“For numerous reasons, social dialogue in Hungary generally does not fulfil its role on the national, sectoral, or workplace level,” our Research Fellow Zsuzsanna Arendas and Sara Hungler (Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest) write in their article in Intersections.

Andrea Peto: The New Monument to Victims of Military Sexual Violence in Budapest

Our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto analyzes the history of bipartisan intervention in Hungarian memory politics in her article published in Hungarian Studies Review.

Eva Fodor: The Gender Regime of Anti-Liberal Hungary

The open access book, a first attempt at describing key elements of the gender regime of illiberal rule, explores the social — not merely the political — consequences of illiberalism.

Petra Bard: The Sanctity of Preliminary References

“A national supreme court must not declare a request for a preliminary ruling by a lower court unlawful on the ground that the referred questions are irrelevant and unnecessary for the original case,” our Research Affiliate, Petra Bard writes in her post on Verfassungsblog.

Andras Sajo, Renata Uitz and Stephen Holmes: Routledge Handbook of Illiberalism

We are happy to announce that the Routledge Handbook of Illiberalism, edited by our Senior Research Fellow Andras Sajo, Research Affiliate Renata Uitz and Stephen Holmes (New York University) has been published.

New Report: Media Influence Matrix: United Kingdom

At the end of one year of research, our Center for Media, Data and Society published the final Media Influence Matrix: United Kingdom report, a comprehensive and timely overview of the UK media landscape.