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DI researchers publish academic articles, books, book chapters, reports, working papers, etc. Here you'll find all of them. 

Vera Messing, Bence Sagvari: Are Anti-Immigrant Attitudes the Holy Grail of Populists?

Feeling of control, basic human values, and political orientation are the most significant elements influencing attitudes towards immigrants, our Research Fellow Vera Messing and Bence Sagvari (Centre for Social Sciences) write in their article published in Intersections - East European Journal of Society and Politics.

Dimitry Kochenov, Jacquelyn Veraldi: The Commission Against the Internal Market and European Union Citizens’ Rights: Trying To Shoot Down Sputnik With the “Digital Green Certificate”?

The Digital Green Certificate proposed by the European Commission has the “potential to facilitate greater free movement restrictions for a large number of EU citizens,” Dimitry Kochenov and Jacquelyn Veraldi write in their article in European Journal of Risk Regulation, published online by Cambridge University Press.

Erin K. Jenne et al.: Mapping Populism and Nationalism in Leader Rhetoric Across North America and Europe

“Neither populism nor nationalism is on the rise across Europe and North America over the past twenty years; instead, the rise is concentrated in sub-regions and specific countries,” our Research Affiliate Erin K. Jenne, and co-authors Kirk A. Hawkins and Bruno Castanho Silva write in their article published in Studies in Comparative International Development.

Andrea Peto: Three Readings of One Law: Reregulating Sexuality in Hungary

“‘Will to power’ is the key concept when one wants to decipher the long rule of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his policies,” our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto writes in her post for the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Judit Szakacs, Eva Bognar: The Impact of Disinformation Campaigns About Migrants and Minority Groups in the EU

Our Center for Media, Data and Society’s Judit Szakacs and Eva Bognar authored a study for the European Parliament’s INGE Committee on the impact of foreign disinformation campaigns about minorities and migrants.

Barbara Grabowska-Moroz, Dimitry Kochenov: The Loss of Face for Everyone Concerned: EU Rule of Law in the Context of the ‘Migration Crisis’

"No winners emerge out of a consideration of the two key EU crises side-by-side: the ‘migration crisis’ (…) and the ‘rule of law crisis’,” Barbara Grabowska-Moroz and Dimitry Kochenov write in their latest article.

Balazs Trencsenyi: "Politics of History" and Authoritarian Regime-Building in Hungary After 1990

In his latest book chapter Balazs Trencsenyi, lead researcher of our Democracy in History workgroup, focuses on the relationship between historical knowledge production and the memory politics and historical ideology of the ‘System of National Cooperation’ that emerged in Hungary after 2010.

Nina Begicevic Redep: Comparative Overview of the Digital Preparedness of Education Systems in Selected CEE Countries

The final study of our Future Challenges to Education Systems in Central Eastern European Context project, written by Nina Begicevic Redep (University of Zagreb), is available now.

Andrea Peto: Far-Right Expectations of Women in Central-Eastern Europe

In her new book chapter, our Research Affiliate, Andrea Peto investigates the construction of gender in the far right ideology in Central and Eastern Europe.

Laurent Pech, Dimitry Kochenov: Respect for the Rule of Law in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice

The “rule of law-enhancing process of re-articulation of EU constitutionalism is ongoing and represents the Court of Justice’s incrementalist response to the process of rule of law backsliding which first emerged in Hungary before spreading to Poland,” Laurent Pech and Dimitry Kochenov write in their forthcoming SIEPS report.