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DI researchers publish academic articles, books, book chapters, reports, working papers, etc. Here you'll find all of them. 

Dorottya Redai, Maria Tsouroufli: Gender Equality and Stereotyping in Secondary Schools

We are happy the announce that the volume edited by Maria Tsouroufli (Brunel University, London) and our Research Fellow Dorottya Redai has been published by Palgrave.

Wolfgang Merkel: Candidates, Chancellors and Coalitions: Who Won the Elections?

“It was primarily a victory for Olaf Scholz and not for the SPD as a party,” our Senior Research Fellow, Wolfgang Merkel writes in his article published on The Progressive Post.

Laurent Pech, Dimitry Kochenov: Respect for the Rule of Law in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice: A Casebook Overview of Key Judgments since the Portuguese Judges Case

Our senior research fellows, Dimitry Kochenov and Laurent Pech unveil a profound change of the EU as a constitutional system in their case-book published by the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS).

Michael Zeller: Patterns Of Demobilization: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) of Far-Right Demonstration Campaigns

“Scholarship on social movement lifecycles has focused on mobilization processes, with relatively less attention on the ends, demobilization,” Michael Zeller, researcher of DI’s BRaVE project writes in his article published in Mobilization.

Erin Jenne, Peter Visnovitz: Populist Argumentation in Foreign Policy: The Case of Hungary Under Viktor Orbán, 2010–2020

“In foreign policy populism serves as a political argument to enable status elevation on the international stage,” our Research Affiliate Erin K. Jenne and Peter Visnovitz argue in their article published as part of a special issue on populism in foreign policy in Comparative European Politics.

Peter Rado, Balazs Munkacsy, Agota Scharle, Agnes Kende: Adapting to Future Challenges to Education. Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia

This volume edited by our Research Fellow, Peter Rado, includes three summary studies about the first findings of our “Future Challenges to Education Systems in Central Eastern European Context” project and has been published by the CEU Democracy Institute.

Andrea Krizsan, Conny Roggeband: Politicizing Gender and Democracy in the Context of the Istanbul Convention

The new book of our Senior Research Fellow Andrea Krizsan and Conny Roggeband (University of Amsterdam), Politicizing Gender and Democracy in the Context of the Istanbul Convention, has been published by Palgrave MacMillan.

Andrea Peto: The Illiberal Memory Politics in Hungary

The erection of statues of Horthy, Hungary’s controversial interwar leader, demonstrates that a paradigm shift successfully reshapes memory discourse, our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto writes in her article published in Journal of Genocide Research.

Abel Beremenyi: ‘The More Successful, the More Apolitical’. Romani Mentors’ Mixed Experiences With an Intra-Ethnic Mentoring Project

“Mentoring remains highly apolitical, having as its primary object ‘people to be developed’ and not the structure that is to do the developing,” our Research Fellow Abel Beremenyi writes in his article published by the British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Wolfgang Merkel and Anna Luhrmann on the Resilience of Democracies

“Why are some democracies more resilient than others to the current trend of autocratization?”, our Senior Research Fellow Wolfgang Merkel and his co-author Anna Luhrmann ask in their article published in Democratization.