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DI researchers publish academic articles, books, book chapters, reports, working papers, etc. Here you'll find all of them. 

Dimitry Kochenov, Sarah Ganty: EU Lawlessness Law: Europe’s Passport Apartheid From Indifference To Torture and Killing

“We explain how EU lawlessness law operates, how the EU pays for it, how it passes legal scrutiny and what its objectives are,” Dimitry Kochenov, lead researcher of our Rule of Law workgroup and Research Affiliate Sarah Ganty write in their Jean Monnet Working Paper.

Dorothee Bohle, Bela Greskovits, Marek Naczyk: The Politics of Europe’s Rule of Law Crisis

In the latest CEU DI Working Paper Dorothee Bohle, Bela Greskovits and Marek Naczyk explore the long-term trajectory and the recent acceleration of the conflict over the rule of law in the EU.

Marta Achler, Yves Doutriaux, Tamara Otiashvili, Andras Sajo: Urgent Interim Opinion on the Bill Amending the Act on the Supreme Court and Certain Other Acts of Poland

Our Senior Research Fellow Andras Sajo co-authored the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights report on the judicial independence in Poland.

Zsolt Cziganyik, Judit Banhazi: The Cyclical Nature of History, According to Anthony Burgess in the Light of the Augustinian–Pelagian Dichotomy of the Wanting Seed

“The interpretation of time has been a challenge to philosophers, writers, and common people alike since the dawn of mankind, more precisely, since the appearance of ancient, natural religions,” our Research Fellow Zsolt Cziganyik and Judit Banhazi (ELTE) write in their article in The AnaChronisT.

Filip Milacic: Do European Voters Cling to Democracy Under All Circumstances?

Our Research Affiliate Filip Milacic argues in his post on LSE EUROPP Blog that democratic ideals can be overridden by partisan and group loyalties, which may cause voters to overlook the actions of politicians that undermine democracy.

Zsolt Enyedi: Illiberal Conservatism, Civilizationalist Ethnocentrism, and Paternalist Populism in Orban’s Hungary

In the latest publication of the CEU DI Working Paper series, our Senior Research Fellow Zsolt Enyedi argues for an ideology-centered interpretation of the Orban regime.

Milan W. Svolik, Elena Avramovska, Johanna Lutz, Filip Milacic: In Europe, Democracy Erodes from the Right

“When faced with a choice between democracy and partisan loyalty, policy priorities, or ideological dogmas, who will put democracy first?”, our Research Affiliate Filip Milacic, Milan W. Svolik, Elena Avramovska and Johanna Lutz ask in their latest article in Journal of Democracy. 

Laurent Pech, Jakub Jaraczewski: Systemic Threat to the Rule of Law in Poland: Updated and New Article 7(1) TEU Recommendations

“Article 7(1) TEU empowers the EU to act preventively in a situation where there is a clear risk of a serious breach of the values laid down in Article 2 TEU,” our Senior Research Fellow Laurent Pech and Jakub Jaraczewski write in their CEU DI Working Paper.

Andreas Schedler: Basic Democratic Trust

With this Working Paper focusing on the increasing prevalence of polarization in democratic systems by Andreas Schedler, lead researcher of our De- and Re-Democratization (DRD) Workgroup, the CEU DI Working Papers series has officially been launched.

Zsolt Cziganyik: Utopia Between East and West in Hungarian Literature

The book of our Research Fellow Zsolt Cziganyik focuses on the most important utopian and dystopian literary texts in nineteenth and twentieth-century Hungarian literature, and therefore widens the scope of the traditionally Anglophone canon.