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DI researchers publish academic articles, books, book chapters, reports, working papers, etc. Here you'll find all of them. 

Judit Szakacs, Eva Bognar: Digital News Report - Hungary

This year’s Reuters Institute Digital News Report provides evidence that news audiences are becoming more dependent on digital and social platforms. Our researchers, Judit Szakacs and Eva Bognar wrote the chapter on Hungary.

Stephen Stec, Antoni Abat et al.: Developing Normative Criteria for Meaningful Citizen Participation and Deliberation in Environmental Policy

“The European Green Deal (EGD) represents the most ambitious environmental policy framework in European history,” Stephen Stec, lead researcher of our Environment and Democracy Workgroup, our Post-doctoral Fellow Antoni Abat i Ninet, and their co-authors write in their article in Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research.

Akos Kopper, Andras Szalai, Magdalena Gora: Populist Foreign Policy in Central and Eastern Europe: Poland, Hungary and the Shock of the Ukraine Crisis

Viktor Orban of Hungary and Jaroslaw Kaczynski of Poland are symbols of successful, long-standing populist leaders in power, our Research Affiliate Andras Szalai, Akos Kopper (ELTE) and Magdalena Gora (Jagiellonian University) write in their chapter in Populist Foreign Policy: Regional Perspectives of Populism in the International Scene.

Zsolt Enyedi, Fernando Casal Bertoa: Party Systems and Party System Change

In their chapter in The Routledge Handbook of Political Parties, our Senior Research Fellow Zsolt Enyedi and Fernando Casal Bertoa (University of Nottingham) introduce the central concepts of party system analysis.

Balint Madlovics, Balint Magyar: Ukrainian Regime Cycles and the Russian Invasion

“The Russian aggression in Ukraine in February 2022 highlighted the urgency of updating general assumptions about the post-communist region,” our Junior Research Fellow Balint Madlovics and Senior Research Fellow Balint Magyar write in their CEU DI Working Paper.

Barbara Grabowska-Moroz: Judicial Dialogue About Judicial Independence in Terms of Rule of Law Backsliding

The latest CEU DI Working Paper by our Post-doctoral Fellow Barbara Grabowska-Moroz discusses the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU in the Getin Noble Bank case.

Dimitry Kochenov, Kristin Surak (eds.): Citizenship and Residence Sales

The book, edited by Dimitry Kochenov, lead researcher of our Rule of Law Workgroup, and Kristin Surak (LSE), and published by Cambridge University Press, takes an interdisciplinary approach to unpacking investment migration.

Tomasz Inglot, Dorottya Szikra, Cristina Rat: Mothers, Families, or Children?

Mothers, Families, or Children? by our Research Fellow Dorottya Szikra, Tomasz Inglot and Cristina Rat is the first comparative-historical study of family policies in Poland, Hungary, and Romania from 1945 until the eve of the global pandemic in 2020.

Laurent Pech: The European Court of Justice’s Jurisdiction Over National Judiciary Related Measures

The study of our Senior Research Fellow Laurent Pech, requested by the EP’s AFCO Committee, focuses on the scope of the Court of Justice of the EU’s jurisdiction over national measures relating to the organization of national judiciaries.

Dimitry Kochenov: Dialogical Rule of Law in the Hands of the Court of Justice: Analysis and Critique

In his new CEU DI Working Paper Dimitry Kochenov, lead researcher of our Rule of Law Workgroup argues that “the Court of Justice deploys the Rule of Law to pre-empt necessary dialogue and to disqualify substantive arguments of principle originating in other legal orders.”