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Media and Technology

Independent media is a pillar of democracy and key to sustaining healthy political engagement and public debate. The Institute extends CEU’s existing research into transparency and public trust in media, the origins and impact of disinformation, and power dynamics that enable or hinder democratic processes. The Institute deepens CEU’s work examining strategies deployed by de-democratizing forces to control media, how changes of ownership structures influence the scope of independent journalism, and how new rules on privacy and freedom of speech impact public debate. 

The Institute also incorporates the Center for Media, Data and Society, founded in 2004 for the study of media, communication, and information policy and its impact on society and practice. Conducted through independent investigation as well as partnerships with academic organizations, think tanks and journalists, the center’s research includes analysis of political, regulatory and policy developments, comparative and data-based studies on the shifts of power in media and journalism, and the interaction between these developments and broader political and social processes, including de-democratization, polarization and corruption. Members of CMDS participate in debates and forums, share expertise with practitioners, researchers and civil society actors, and teach and explain media policy in workshops, lectures and conferences.

As per October 2022, CMDS commenced its operations under the name Media and Journalism Research Center (MJRC) independently of CEU. Its website and social media accounts are archives of projects conducted by CMDS as a CEU unit and will not be updated.



Eva Bognar Senior Program Officer
Kate Coyer CEU Research Affiliate / CEU Visiting Professor
Grace Rademacher Fulbright Fellow
Judit Szakacs Research Fellow
Orsolya Vasarhelyi Post-doctoral Fellow
Balazs Vedres Senior Research Fellow / CEU Professor


Eva Bognar on Disinformation in the Hungarian Election Campaign

Before the Hungarian elections, pro-government media employed “smear campaigns and disinformation – narratives that are in favor of and produced by the government,” our Senior Program Officer and Researcher Eva Bognar told the Los Angeles Times.

Marius Dragomir on Media Capture in Hungary

“As soon as Fidesz won the elections in 2010, they embarked on this process of achieving media capture in the country,” Marius Dragomir, Director of our Center for Media, Data and Society told Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Marius Dragomir on the Hungarian Media Situation and the Election Campaign

“Orban knows that many Hungarians are against the war, and he balances: the state media spread pro-Russian propaganda while he speaks against the war in general, but not against Putin,” Marius Dragomir, Director of our Center for Media, Data and Society told El Diario.

Eva Bognar on Russian Propaganda in Hungary

At the moment it is difficult to separate Hungarian government propaganda from Russian propaganda, our Senior Program Officer Eva Bognar told

Eva Bognar on the Similarities Between Putin’s Russia and Orbán’s Hungary

“There are really alarming similarities” between Putin’s Russia and Orban’s Hungary, our Senior Program Officer Eva Bognar told Yahoo News.


There is Power in a Union

Participants of this workshop were invited to debate and discuss the use of organizing unions, networks, associations and communities to push forward the rights of journalists and to protect the freedom of the media.

For a Democracy, It Is Vital To Be Able To Tell Facts Apart

RevDem editor Robert Nemeth talks to Marius Dragomir and Astrid Söderström, authors of a recent study on the state of state media globally.

Marius Dragomir on the War in Ukraine and Disinformation

In this video, Marius Dragomir, Director of our Center for Media, Data and Society discusses media information and disinformation amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Democracy’s Least Appreciated Strength Is Its Ability to Reform Itself

In conversation with RevDem editor Robert Nemeth, Dean Starkman, senior editor at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, talks about the Pandora Papers and how tax avoidance and secrecy endangers democracy.

New Podcast: Hybrid Journalism

In the final episode of the CMDS podcast series Down, but Not Out Dumitrita Holdis and Justin Spike discuss with Monia ben Hamadi, editor-in chief of Inkyfada and CMDS Director Marius Dragomir an increasingly popular funding strategy for small, independent media organizations: hybrid business models.