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Rule of Law

Attacks on rule of law have long been integral to democratic decay. However, today’s authoritarians often instrumentalize law and democratic norms. Most research in this field focuses on the law or politics. The Institute, by contrast, will bring together lawyers, political scientists, sociologists and political economists to explore the how the erosion of rule of law shapes national developmental models and the extent to which it varies across economic sectors or through the influence of domestic or external actors.


Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov

Lead Researcher / Senior Research Fellow / CEU Professor

Petra Bárd

CEU Research Affiliate

Elena Basheska

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Violeta Beširević

CEU Research Affiliate

Sarah Ganty Research Affiliate, Re:constitution Fellow

Barbara Grabowska-Moroz

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Joelle Grogan Research Fellow

Martin Krygier

Senior Research Fellow

András László Pap CEU Research Affiliate

Laurent Pech

Senior Research Fellow

András Sajó

Senior Research Fellow / CEU Professor

Emma Schulte Research Assistant

Renáta Uitz

CEU Research Affiliate / CEU Professor


Research projects

Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and Rule of Law (RECONNECT)

Researchers: Petra Bard, Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov, Andras Sajo

RECONNECT is a four-year multidisciplinary research project on ‘Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and the Rule of Law’, aimed at understanding and providing solutions to the recent challenges faced by the European Union (EU). With an explicit focus on strengthening the EU’s legitimacy through democracy and the rule of law, RECONNECT seeks to build a new narrative for Europe, enabling the EU to become more attuned to the expectations of its citizens. RECONNECT brings together 18 academic partner institutions from 14 countries.


Petra Bard: The Sanctity of Preliminary References

“A national supreme court must not declare a request for a preliminary ruling by a lower court unlawful on the ground that the referred questions are irrelevant and unnecessary for the original case,” our Research Affiliate, Petra Bard writes in her post on Verfassungsblog.

Andras Sajo, Renata Uitz and Stephen Holmes: Routledge Handbook of Illiberalism

We are happy to announce that the Routledge Handbook of Illiberalism, edited by our Senior Research Fellow Andras Sajo, Research Affiliate Renata Uitz and Stephen Holmes (New York University) has been published.

Petra Bard on the CJEU Ruling in Hungarian Judge’s Case

"Just because a national judge initiates a dialogue with the court in Luxemburg, no disciplinary action can be taken against him," our Research Affiliate, Petra Bard said to Euronews.

Petra Bard on the Tensions Between Poland and the EU

“We are seeing the EU legal system collapsing like a house of cards,” our Research Affiliate Petra Bard said to the Hungarian news portal Telex.

Renata Uitz: Commission v Poland (C-204/21 R): Pulverizing the Primacy of EU Law

“As a matter of law, sovereigntist aspirations advocated by the Polish government and its allies are hardly compatible with the primacy of EU,” our Research Affiliate Renata Uitz writes in her post published by the Brexit Institute at Dublin City University.


Ruling by Cheating?

RevDem assistant editor Teodora Miljojkovic talks with Andras Sajo, Professor in the Department of Legal Studies at CEU, Senior Research Fellow at CEU Democracy Institute, and former judge of the European Court of Human Rights about his new book.

EU Rule of Law Case-Law: Crucial Recent Developments

Co-organized with re:constitution and RECONNECT, the first public event of CEU Democracy Institute’s Rule of Law Working Group allowed key DI experts engaged with the case-law to outline the bigger picture, while focusing on crucial details. 

New Podcast: A Legal Perspective on Coronavirus Vaccination Passports

Luiza Bialasiewicz, Nikolaus Forgo, Joelle Grogan, Oskar Gstrein and Dimitry Kochenov discussed European vaccine passports and their impact on the citizens’ rights and the Rule of Law in Europe.

Academic Freedom and the Rule of Law

In the latest RevDem Rule of Law podcast, Oliver Garner interviews Professor Nandini Ramanujam on the interplay of the concepts of academic freedom and the rule of law, in both liberal and illiberal societies.

The Future of Democracy in EU Member States

Debates on the state of democracy in EU Member States have been intensifying. In a debate organized by the CEU Democracy Institute, chaired by Dimitry Kochenov and moderated by R. Daniel Kelemen, Vera Jourova, Clement Beaune and Michal Simecka addressed the question how to strengthen democracy at the national level.