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Review of Democracy


The Review of Democracy, or RevDem, is an open platform to discuss, analyze, reflect on, and develop possible solutions to the challenges to democracy across the globe today. The journal is published by the CEU Democracy Institute. To access it, please click on the button below.

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Deadline Extended: Call for Applications - Review of Democracy Assistant Editors

The Review of Democracy (RevDem) is happy to announce a new internship opportunity.

New RevDem Editors: Call for Applications - OSUN Forum on Democracy and Development

RevDem is recruiting three new editors to expand its geographic and sectoral reach and to work closely with the Open Society University Network (OSUN), especially with the consortium members of the OSUN Forum on Democracy and Development project.

Discussing the History of the Present with Andreas Rödder

The panelists of this online event discussed Andreas Rödder’s recent book 21.1. Eine kurze Geschichte der Gegenwart (21.1. A Brief History of the Present).

From a Multiethnic Empire to a World of Nation States

The panelists of this event in Vienna discussed Natasha Wheatley's new book, The Life and Death of States: Central Europe and the Transformation of Modern Sovereignty.

Homelands: Timothy Garton Ash and His Critics Discussed Contemporary Europe

In this special online panel, five scholars of contemporary Europe discuss Timothy Garton Ash’s Homelands. A Personal History of Europe with the author.

From New Year’s Specials to the Trouble with Fortune

Read the latest publications or listen to the latest podcasts by the Review of Democracy, our online journal.

Brazil and Democracy After Bolsonaro

Our panelists analyzed the results of the presidential elections in Brazil and what awaits for the country in the midst of distrust in democratic institutions and a highly polarized media environment.

Italy after the Elections - Implications for National and European Politics

Our panelists analyzed the results of the Italian elections and its consequences to Europe.

From the American Democracy to How Europeans Stop Migration

Read the latest publications by the Review of Democracy, our online journal.

Where is Brazil Headed? - The Future of Democracy After the Presidential Elections

Our panelists analyzed the results of the presidential elections in Brazil, and discussed the prospects for democracy in the country.