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Review of Democracy

Review of Democracy

RevDem: Democratic Reinvigoration, Survival, and Prosperity, LIVE

The Review of Democracy, or RevDem, is an open platform to discuss, analyze, reflect on, and develop possible solutions to the challenges to democracy across the globe today. The RevDem, part of the CEU Democracy Institute, confronts de- and re-democratisation online. It delivers analysis, reflection, research and opinion pieces in real-time at the national and supranational level. We welcome contributions from scholars, activists, and practitioners. This builds an active community dedicated to the reinvigoration, survival, and prosperity of democracies worldwide.

As a dynamic online journal, the RevDem aims to provide added value by:

  • addressing several aspects of democracy at once
  • ensuring cross-disciplinary and cross-regional perspectives
  • demonstrating agility and flexibility, publishing quickly and in many formats
  • appealing thereby to a broad audience including but not limited to the scholarly community

Read more by clicking on the menus to the right, or visit the RevDem's website. Want to get involved? Email us at