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Here you'll find all the videos produced with the participation of the CEU Democracy Institute and its researchers. You may also subscribe to our YouTube-playlist here.

“We Should Not Hurry With Our Assumption That Democracies Are Falling and Autocracy Is Successful”

The online roundtable discussion sought answers to examine whether China’s Covid-19 management legitimizes its non-democratic system.

Left Wing Populism in the European Periphery

Yannis Stavrakakis talks to Levente Littvay about his article (with Giorgos Katsambekis) "Left Wing Populism in the European Periphery," and much more.

Edited Lives - Bioethical Visions?

Do we already have enough knowledge to construct human genes? Should we use this technique for embryos? How do biotechnology and ethics correlate? The latest lecture of the Borderless Knowledge series addressed these questions, and many more.

Social Democracy and Populism

Sarah de Lange (University of Amsterdam) talks to Steven M. Van Hauwaert about the relationship between social democracy and populism.

Zsolt Enyedi on the Rule of Law in Poland and Hungary

Speaking at the webinar ‘Is There Still “Rule of Law” in Poland and Hungary?’, organized by European Moments, Zsolt Enyedi, Lead Researcher of our De-/Re-Democratization Working Group discussed the alarming process of monopolization of Hungary’s judiciary by the governing party.

Revisiting the Populist Challenge

Conversation with Hanspeter Kriesi about his forward pointing review article "Revisiting the Populist Challenge" in the Czech Journal of Political Science.

Populism and Democratic Innovations

Kristof Jacobs (Radboud) talks to Steven M. Van Hauwaert about relationship between democratic innovations and populism, both from a supply and demand-side perspective.

Populism and Polarization

Lisa Zanotti (Diego Portales) talks to Steven M. Van Hauwaert about how polarization and populism relate to each other. They pay particular attention to the role of opposition forces and distinguish between affective and ideological polarization.

“It Is as Difficult To Imagine the Post-Putin Era in the Russian Federation as Life on Mars”

The online roundtable of the CEU Democracy Institute brought together distinguished experts who sought an answer to the question: Can we still believe in Russian democracy?

The Future of Democracy in EU Member States

Debates on the state of democracy in EU Member States have been intensifying. In a debate organized by the CEU Democracy Institute, chaired by Dimitry Kochenov and moderated by R. Daniel Kelemen, Vera Jourova, Clement Beaune and Michal Simecka addressed the question how to strengthen democracy at the national level.