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Here you'll find all the videos produced with the participation of the CEU Democracy Institute and its researchers. You may also subscribe to our YouTube-playlist here, and watch the video introduction of our colleagues here.

Where is Brazil Headed? - The Future of Democracy After the Presidential Elections

Our panelists analyzed the results of the presidential elections in Brazil, and discussed the prospects for democracy in the country.

Dorottya Redai on Sex Education and Child Protection in Hungary

No child is protected from violence at school or domestic abuse by the so-called child protection law in Hungary our Research Affiliate Dorottya Redai argues in a video with

Julia Sonnevend on Politicians’ Charm

In the 20th century, politicians’ charm was based on distance, while today, they are trying to construct an image of being “one of us,” our Research Affiliate Julia Sonnevend said as the guest in Friderikusz Podcast, a Hungarian show.

Ukraine’s Integration and Reconstruction: How To Prepare the EU?

Can the EU rise to the historic significance of Ukraine’s accession? What would it mean to the EU, and what lessons can the EU learn from its previous experiences of enlargement? Panelists of our online event, co-organized with the Review of Democracy, discussed these questions, among many others.

The Sovereignist Challenge to the European Union: Features and Ambiguities

Did you miss this presentation on the sovereignist challenge to the European Union by Sergio Fabbrini (Luiss Guido Carli)? Watch it now!

Eva Fodor in The Daily Show

Did you miss the episode of The Daily Show, in which Jordan Klepper interviewed our our Research Affiliate and CEU’s Pro-Rector Eva Fodor? Watch the interview now!

Book Launch: Gender Equality and Stereotyping in Secondary Schools

Did you miss this book launch with Eva Fodor (Pro-Rector for Foresight and Analysis, CEU), Geeta Ludhra (Brunel University London / Dadima's CIC), Maria Tsouroufli (co-editor / Brunel University London), Dorottya Redai (co-editor / Research Affiliate, CEU Democracy Institute), Areta Sobieraj (co-author / Oxfam Italy)? Watch it now!

Timothy Garton Ash: The War in Ukraine and the Future of Democracy in Central Europe

A few days before the Hungarian elections, Historian and political writer Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies at the University of Oxford, delivered a talk at the CEU Democracy Institute on the war in Ukraine, its impact to the region, and the political situation in Hungary.

The Nationalism-Populism-Social Conservatism Database of Presidents and Prime Ministers

Did you miss the presentation of our Research Affiliate Erin Jenne, who introduced the Nationalism-Populism-Social Conservatism database of chief executives? Watch it now!

Navigating EU-China Relations in the Democracy-Autocracy Binary

Did you miss our event co-organized with CHERN - the China in Europe Research Network? Watch it now!