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Here you'll find all the videos produced with the participation of the CEU Democracy Institute and its researchers. You may also subscribe to our YouTube-playlist here, and watch the video introduction of our colleagues here.

Timothy Garton Ash: The War in Ukraine and the Future of Democracy in Central Europe

A few days before the Hungarian elections, Historian and political writer Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies at the University of Oxford, delivered a talk at the CEU Democracy Institute on the war in Ukraine, its impact to the region, and the political situation in Hungary.

The Nationalism-Populism-Social Conservatism Database of Presidents and Prime Ministers

Did you miss the presentation of our Research Affiliate Erin Jenne, who introduced the Nationalism-Populism-Social Conservatism database of chief executives? Watch it now!

Navigating EU-China Relations in the Democracy-Autocracy Binary

Did you miss our event co-organized with CHERN - the China in Europe Research Network? Watch it now!

Will the Orban Regime Survive or Fall?

Did you miss the discussion on the Hungarian elections, co-organized with the CEU Department of Political Science, and featuring Andras Bozoki, Jennifer McCoy, Carolina Plescia and Zoltan Miklosi?

Russia vs. the West and the New Politics of Hybrid War

Did you miss the lecture of Mitchell Orenstein (University of Pennsylvania / Foreign Policy Research Institute) about the new hybrid war and how it affects countries like Ukraine and those within the European Union? Watch it now!

Focus On Research - Renata Uitz

In the CEU's Focus On Research series, our Co-Director Renata Uitz speaks on "The Routledge Handbook of IIliberalism" (2021 by Routledge), the first authoritative reference work dedicated to illiberalism as a complex social, political, cultural, legal, and mental phenomenon.

Overcoming Pernicious Polarization and Protecting Democracy

Did you miss this lecture on polarization and protecting democracy by our Research Affiliate Jennifer McCoy? Watch it now!

Stateness and Democratic Consolidation: Lessons from Former Yugoslavia

Did you miss this lecture by Filip Milacic, Senior Researcher for Democracy and Society at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Vienna? Watch it now!

Marius Dragomir on the War in Ukraine and Disinformation

In this video, Marius Dragomir, Director of our Center for Media, Data and Society discusses media information and disinformation amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Populism, Political Conflict and Grass Roots Organization in Latin America

Ken Roberts talks to Levente Littvay about "Populism, Political Conflict and Grass Roots Organization in Latin America."