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Here you'll find all the videos produced with the participation of the CEU Democracy Institute and its researchers. You may also subscribe to our YouTube-playlist here, and watch the video introduction of our colleagues here.

Interest Representation in Illiberal Times

Did you miss the lecture by Rafael Labanino on how democratic backsliding affects interest representation and intermediation? Watch it now.

The New Politics of Resentment

A conversation with Hans-Georg Betz and Levente Littvay about Hans-Georg's foundational article "The New Politics of Resentment: Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe.”

Conservative Radicalism in Europe and Transformations in Higher Education

Did you miss the lecture by Dorit Geva on how conservatism and far-right radicalism are merging in the space of intellectual production in Europe? Watch it now.

The New Czech Government and the Perspectives for Central Europe

Did you miss our event co-organized with our journal, the Review of Democracy and Democracy Seminar? Watch it now!

Values, Rights and Principles in EU Law

Did you miss our event "Values, Rights and Principles in EU Law" with Lucia Serena Rossi, Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union and Professor at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Law? Watch it now!

Populism and the Economics of Globalization

Levente Littvay chats with Semir Dzebo, is a PhD Candidate of International Relations at Central European University researching populism and secessionist thinking, about Dani Rodrik's article “Populism and the Economics of Globalization.”

Andras Sajo on Ruling by Cheating

Our Senior Research Fellow, Andras Sajo speaks about his book, Ruling by Cheating – Governance in Illiberal Democracy, published by Cambridge University Press.

Right-Wing Populism and Historical Legacy

Steven Van Hauwaert interviews Luca Manucci about his original 2019 WEP article "National past and populism" (w/ Daniele Caramani) and his subsequent book "Populism and collective memory".

Populism and the Media

In this video, Stijn van Kessel talks to Léonie de Jonge about her 2019 article in The International Journal of Press/Politics: "The populist radical right and the media in the Benelux: friend or foe?".

What Is the Future of Northern Ireland After Brexit (And Why Should Europe Care)?

The lecture by Katy Hayward, organized in partnership with the Embassy of Ireland to Hungary, explained why the future of Northern Ireland should be a concern for all the EU as well as for Britain and Ireland.