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working papers

Working Papers

The CEU DI Working Paper series showcases research-in-progress on the challenges democracy faces across the globe today.  This research engages in deep and sustained scientific investigation to create new knowledge. The series communicates research findings to policy-makers and other stakeholders engaged in the global discourse on democracy. The ultimate goal is to promote the success and sustainability of democracies worldwide. The Managing Editor of the CEU DI Working Paper Series is Oliver Garner.

Balint Madlovics, Balint Magyar: Ukrainian Regime Cycles and the Russian Invasion

“The Russian aggression in Ukraine in February 2022 highlighted the urgency of updating general assumptions about the post-communist region,” our Junior Research Fellow Balint Madlovics and Senior Research Fellow Balint Magyar write in their CEU DI Working Paper.

Barbara Grabowska-Moroz: Judicial Dialogue About Judicial Independence in Terms of Rule of Law Backsliding

The latest CEU DI Working Paper by our Post-doctoral Fellow Barbara Grabowska-Moroz discusses the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU in the Getin Noble Bank case.

Dimitry Kochenov: Dialogical Rule of Law in the Hands of the Court of Justice: Analysis and Critique

In his new CEU DI Working Paper Dimitry Kochenov, lead researcher of our Rule of Law Workgroup argues that “the Court of Justice deploys the Rule of Law to pre-empt necessary dialogue and to disqualify substantive arguments of principle originating in other legal orders.”

Jonathan Becker: What Civic Engagement Is… And Is Not

This new CEU DI Working Paper by Jonathan Becker, Professor of Political Studies and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Bard College, and the founder and Director of Bard’s Center for Civic Engagement, interrogates the meaning of civic engagement, “an oft-used but rarely defined term.”

Martin Krygier: The Ideal of the Rule of Law and Private Power

In his new CEU DI Working Paper our Senior Research Fellow Martin Krygier argues for the inclusion of private power as integral to the ideal of the rule of law.

Andras Sajo: On the Difficulties of Rule of Law Restoration

“The inherent weaknesses and uncertainties of the Rule of Law contribute to illiberal regime building,” our Senior Research Fellow Andras Sajo argues in the latest CEU DI Working Paper.

Balint Madlovics, Balint Magyar: Hungary’s Dubious Loyalty: Orban’s Regime Strategy in the Russia-Ukraine War

The latest CEU DI Working Paper by our researchers, Balint Madlovics and Balint Magyar, examines the domestic and international behavior of the Orban regime in relation to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Petra Bard, Nora Chronowski, Zoltan Fleck: Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Constitutional Identity in Europe

After showing how constitutional identity may be created and coded, the latest CEU DI Working Paper by our Research Affiliate Petra Bard, Nora Chronowski and Zoltan Fleck offers examples of the uses, misuses, and abuses of the concept by various EU Member States.

Laszlo Bruszt, Visnja Vukov: The Politicization of Core-Periphery Relations in the EU

In the latest CEU DI Working Paper our Co-Director Laszlo Bruszt and Visnja Vukov deal with the questions of why and when we can expect change in the politicization of core-periphery relations within the EU and with what consequences for integration.

Dorothee Bohle, Bela Greskovits, Marek Naczyk: The Politics of Europe’s Rule of Law Crisis

In the latest CEU DI Working Paper Dorothee Bohle, Bela Greskovits and Marek Naczyk explore the long-term trajectory and the recent acceleration of the conflict over the rule of law in the EU.